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medicinal mushrooms health benefits boosting the immune systemThe preparation MYKOTONIK contains edible and medicinal mushroom extracts from Lentinus edodes (shiitake), Ganoderma lucidum (reishi), Pleurotus ostreatus (oyster mushroom) and Armillaria mellea (honey fungus).

These mushrooms are well known for their tonic, adaptogen and immunostimulant effects, with proven multiple beneficial stimulatory and regulatory effects on human health, without any toxic side effects.

Mykotonik extract is made from natural ingredients (wild growing or cultivated) and is based on more than 2000 years of experience of traditional (Chinese and Japanese) medicine, and contemporary scientific (laboratory and clinical) testing, mostly done in China and Japan.

This preparation is intended for all those wanting to improve their overall health, particularly:

  • those who are frequently ill
  • chronic patients
  • convalescents
  • the elderly
  • children of poor health
  • those having a family history of serious disease
  • those who are overexposed to above average physical and/or mental stress
  • those wanting to improve their physical and mental performance for specific purposes (athletes, those setting off on long journeys, etc.)

Medicinal mushrooms (Lentinula edodes shiitake, Ganoderma lucidum, Flammulina velutipes, Hericium erinaceus, Grifola frondosa, Trametes versicolor, Agaricus campestris, Armillaria mellea, Auricularia auricula, Boletus edulis, Clitocybe gigantea, Lactarius piperatus, Lepista nuda, Marasmius oreades, Piptoporus betulinus, Russula nigricans, Schizophyllum commune, Inonotus obliquus and hundreds of other species) contain a series of medicinal compounds that can preserve and improve human health at any age. By strengthening and harmonizing the functioning of the entire body (immunity, heart and vascular system, brain and nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, urinary system, endocrine system, reproductive system, bones and joints, muscles, sensory organs and metabolism), they can facilitate growth and development, improve tolerance to physical and mental stress, preserve health and slow the ageing process, thereby significantly improving the quality of life.

Thousands of years of practical experience and modern scientific research have proven that these medicinal mushrooms:

  • protect and strength immunity (both cell and humoral) by stimulating and harmonizing the activity of defensive cells and other immunological processes
  • increase resistance to a number of physical and mental causes of stress, and improve stress tolerance
  • ease and improve adaptation to new biological challenges that the human environment and body must face (primarily through water, food and air) brought on by modern civilization, to which we are not evolutionarily adapted
  • increase physical strength and endurance
  • raise the pain sensitivity threshold and alleviate existing pain
  • reduce fatigue
  • aid in achieving deeper and healthier sleep
  • slow the ageing process.


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Directions for use:

The use of this preparation may greatly vary in terms of quantity and time period, depending on the individual needs and reaction of the body. Most often, we recommend 1–3 bottles every 6–12 months.

Packaging:1 bottle of 180 mL
Standard dosage:2 teaspoons, 2 times a day
Forte dosage:4 teaspoons, 2 times a day