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medicinal mushrooms against viral diseasesMYKOPROTECT is a unique preparation containing extracts of medicinal mushrooms Lentinus edodes (shiitake) and Ganoderma lucidum (reishi).

These medicinal mushrooms are recommended to anyone who is not allergic to mushrooms, including people with acute and chronic viral infections (such as hepatitis, herpes, HPV, HIV, influenza, and colds).

Research has shown that lentinan, krestin and other compounds found in medicinal mushrooms block the binding of the HIV virus to the host cells, block the process of inscription of the genetic code of the HIV virus in the host calls, prevent HIV from multiplying in attacked cells, block infection from cell to cell and infection via intercellular fluids. These compounds also have a similar effect against other viral infections. By activating a series of immunological defense processes against AIDS and other viral infections (such as strengthening macrophage activity, strengthening interleukin-1 activity, increasing antibody production, increasing T-lymphocyte production, increasing interferon secretion, accelerating bone marrow cell regeneration, improving the activity of NK cells, etc.), the body is more fit to prevent infection, or to block and combat an existing infection. Recovery is seen in the alleviation and disappearance of symptoms of the viral infection and improvement of the body’s overall condition. In patients with AIDS and similar diseases, an increase in the number of T4 lymphocytes has also been recorded.

We usually recommend using 1-2 standard packages in a row. In special cases, you can take it more often or continually.


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Packaging:Four 500 ml bottles
Dosage:4 tablespoons 3 times a day